The Self-Awareness Guy

Self-Awareness and Your Leadership Style

Your level of self-awareness often predicts your leadership style. Many well-meaning leaders actively resist concepts like delegating, praising people or resolving situations without resorting to punishment because it doesn't enter their minds that those are real options. Self-awareness helps you choose how you behave rather than doing what you've always done. Here are some ideas to help you practice conscious leadership in your professional or personal life:

  • Choose behaviors that lead in a positive direction.
  • Choose behaviors that help everyone win.
  • Choose behaviors that promote equality and balance.
  • Choose behaviors that help you and others learn and grow.
  • Choose behaviors that help create a happier work or personal life.
  • Choose behaviors that treat people with care and compassion.

You get to decide what kind of leadership you practice and you'll generate results based on your thoughts and behaviors. For example: If you don't believe in praise then it won't be very important in your workplace and you'll get the corresponding results. When you feel healthy and balanced inside, you'll tend to choose leadership behaviors that yield desirable results and treat people well along the way. What will you do to practice a leadership style that leads in a positive direction?