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Team Building: Me vs. We

Many leaders struggle with the concept of what will benefit them versus what will benefit everyone in the workplace.  Those who focus exclusively on the me will eventually find that their options are limited because they haven't built the foundation for collaboration and teamwork that helps organizations succeed.

Even the most talented and visionary leader can't get much done if he or she doesn't have the support and buy-in of his or her employees.  There quickly comes a point where any one person's efforts require the assistance of others.  You simply can't grow if you don't have people helping you.

Effective team building is about moving from the me to the we.  It's where you create a workplace where everyone's ideas and talents are valued and used to full advantage.  Here are some practical ways to make the shift and create a more cohesive workplace.

  • Give employees the opportunity to develop projects on their own.
  • Encourage people to come up with new ideas.
  • Acknowledge and praise your employees' contributions.
  • Set aside time for activities that help people connect on a deeper level.
  • Practice excellent listening skills and validate what employees have to say.
  • Make it possible for people to work in teams.
  • Help your employees build key skills like team building or effective communication.
  • Set the example by collaborating with others.
  • Learn how to delegate.
  • Share the credit for a job well done.
  • Help others and let them help you.

When leaders do these things they create positive workplaces where everyone feels like they're contributing to the success of the organization.  It builds a work environment where people look for opportunities to help and support each other.  What will you do to promote the we?



0 thoughts on “Team Building: Me vs. We

  1. Susan DeAngelis

    The whole every-man-for-himself thinking will most definitely not work in a group. A leader should look beyond himself or herself and see that everyone else has a role to play in the group’s success.

    1. Guy Farmer Post author

      Great thoughts Susan. I really like the idea of leaders looking beyond themselves and helping others grow and succeed. Take care, Guy.

  2. Steve

    Well said. It should be a no-brainer: a manager who delegates effectively to his/her team will reap greater benefits than if they try to do everything themselves – so long as they delegate correctly, insofar as the right people with the right skills are working on the right projects.

    1. Guy Farmer Post author

      Thanks Steve. It’s amazing how much more managers can get done when they actually let their employees do things. Take care, Guy.