The Self-Awareness Guy

5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Workplace

I help leaders improve their workplaces through thinking and behaving in positive ways and I see a lot of practices that lead in the opposite direction.  It’s amazing how much time and effort many leaders spend doing things that don’t work simply because they’ve never done it any other way.  Most leaders mean well and want to create happy workplaces but just haven’t found out how to do it yet.  Here are five quick ways to improve your workplace starting today.

1.  Praise Employees

Start praising your employees today for the work they do well and they’ll be much more likely to repeat the behavior and want to do other things.

2.  Start Listening

Listen to what your employees say without jumping in or offering advice and you’ll have access to richer and more complete information so you can make better decisions.

3.  Don’t Micromanage

Step back and let your employees do their thing.  Don’t offer unsolicited advice but be there for them if they ask for help.

4.  Be Kind

Behave kindly, treat people well, appreciate everyone and do things that build employees up so they feel great about themselves.

5.  Interview Your Employees

Find out what the talents and abilities are of each of your employees.  Use this knowledge to work with them to find ways they can do work that fits what they enjoy doing.

Try these five ideas starting today and you will notice that your workplace will become a more enjoyable place.  There’s no magic to this process, you’re simply building a foundation based on valuing employees and encouraging them to do a great job.  What other ideas do you have for improving workplaces?