The Self-Awareness Guy

Diversity Is a Tool for Success

Diversity isn't as scary, controversial or apathy-generating as some people make it out to be.  It's actually a valuable tool that can be used by any savvy leader to build strong, cohesive and productive organizations.

I’ve noticed for quite some time that diversity training is viewed suspiciously by many leaders.  Perhaps this is because people have been subjected to diversity training that makes them feel badly about who they are and makes them think that something they’re doing is wrong.

I take a different approach to diversity that views it is a tool to help us succeed.  Diversity training can actually help us connect with others, create stronger teams and build companies where people work together toward a common goal.  There’s no emphasis on taking away people’s identities or making anyone more important than someone else.  We just focus on using each person’s amazing talents and abilities.

Think about diversity training as the opportunity to identify what each of your employees does well and then encourage them to do it.  You also benefit from many different and valuable ideas and perspectives that could easily be overlooked.  Imagine the power of having bright new minds available to solve problems or develop new processes or products.

Diversity gives us greater access to the resources and brain power our employees have to offer.  There’s no mystery to it.  Just as you possess certain abilities so do other people.  Bring all those abilities together and you’ve got the foundation for building a great organization.  You might also enjoy the benefits that come from employees that get along and support each other.  What would your workplace look like if you harnessed the power of diversity?