The Self-Awareness Guy

20 Characteristics of Enlightened Leadership

Enlightened leadership means being deeply aware of your strengths and areas for improvement, as well as your personal issues, and using that knowledge to create a healthy, functional and productive workplace. It's also understanding how your behaviors affect you and others. Here are twenty characteristics of enlightened leaders:

  1. Your ego doesn't run things.
  2. You don't depend on power and control to feel important.
  3. You trust your employees.
  4. Hierarchy doesn't matter because you're part of a team.
  5. Everyone’s ideas have value.
  6. You consistently treat people kindly.
  7. Your own life is balanced.
  8. You've worked out your own personal issues.
  9. You don’t use your staff as punching bags.
  10. You listen actively and often to your employees.
  11. You encourage employees to think and act independently.
  12. You praise people all the time.
  13. You don’t look for what’s in it for you.
  14. Personal glory is less important than group success.
  15. You give people opportunities to shine and grow.
  16. You don’t have to win and you know how to lose.
  17. You welcome change.
  18. You value other people’s ideas.
  19. You encourage people to motivate themselves.
  20. Your employees admire, not fear, you.

Enlightened leaders practice these behaviors on a regular basis and they create happier organizations. If you've ever worked for someone like this, you know how great it feels and what kind of atmosphere it creates. If you haven't experienced this type of leadership, you're in for a treat. How will you encourage enlightened leadership in your workplace?