The Self-Awareness Guy

Think It and You Can Do It

It's amazing what happens when you think in certain ways. If you focus only on negative thoughts and what you can't do, your life tends to follow a predictable pattern. It moves very differently if you think in brand new ways. One of the biggest challenges is to think in terms of success but it isn't difficult to get started. Try the following steps to help you achieve what is meaningful to you.

1. Think of a goal you would like to achieve.

2. Think of the reasons why you can't achieve that goal.

3. Think of dumping those negative reasons in a trash can.

4. Develop new, positive, ways you can achieve the goal.

5. Picture what your life would look like if you pursued these positive paths.

6. Start working on your goal.

You will find that your thoughts are a powerful predictor for how you will do in life. You get results based on your self-awareness and what you think you can achieve. Try this exercise each time you feel like you can't do something and begin moving in new and exciting directions. Where will you start?