The Self-Awareness Guy

Think Success

If you think you will succeed you tend to succeed because you take action and you move in circles that are beneficial to you. Even though people understand this concept intellectually they often get stuck in, "I can't succeed," mode. It's perfectly normal to feel like you'll never break through or achieve your goals but you can have a great impact on how your life moves by simply thinking successfully.

Try thinking about the following things the next time you feel like you are lacking success.

1. What do I want to succeed at?

2. What am I doing today to achieve my goal?

3. What baggage can I shed so I can begin working on my goal?

4. What is one step I can do today to succeed?

5. How will I know if I've succeeded?

6. What will I do to enjoy and celebrate my success?

7. What do I need to do to continue thinking successfully?

Try working through these seven questions and focusing your energy on building your self-awareness and being successful. So much of your success depends on how you view what you do in your day to day life. If you always focus on what's going wrong you'll tend to move in that direction. If you take the time to celebrate the little things you do along the way, you'll build a positive reservoir that will help you move forward.