The Self-Awareness Guy

Do You Use Your Creativity?

People sometimes think that creativity is something that is too soft or abstract to apply in the workplace.  We tend to want results and hard evidence.  Yet creativity can open the door to many possibilities that will positively affect our businesses or lives.  Think about the following questions for a moment.

1.  What would my life look like if I created something new?

2.  What would my life look like  if I found a new way of doing something?

3.  What have I created lately?

4.  Is there anything that keeps me from creating?

5.  In what ways do I think of new things each day?

As you answer these questions think about the possibilities that the answers suggest.  Unlocking your creativity is about building your self-awareness and thinking of new ways to look at the world.  Once you allow yourself to think in different directions you create new opportunities. How will you use your creativity?