The Self-Awareness Guy

Leadership Training: Your Vision for Success

Success starts with a vision.  Think about it this way: If you wake up in the morning anticipating problems and failure how is your day going to go?  The same thing holds true for your organization’s success.  If you start with a vision that is success-based it will tend to move your business in that direction.   Think about the following questions next time you are developing a vision.

1. What is the core reason for your organization’s existence?

2. What are the principles that guide your organization?

3. What are the key products or services your organization delivers better than any other?

4. How do you want prospective customers to see you?

5. What are you truly committed to providing for your customers?

Once you have the answers to these introductory questions you can begin formulating a vision statement.  This type of statement guides what you will do in the future, it is a conceptual framework that will underlie everything you do. It provides a foundation for the rest of the planning that will follow.

A clear vision help your organization achieve what you really want and gets rid of the clutter that gets in the way of success.  What will you do to clarify your vision?