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Practical Ideas to Deal with Workplace Conflict

Conflict can hold your organization back in many ways including reduced productivity, poor morale and lack of team cohesiveness.  Many businesses try to get rid of conflict but are missing the key ingredient that increases the odds of success.  This mysterious element is simply having a plan and practice.  It’s important to remember that conflict arises due to issues that are bubbling under the surface.  People get caught up in their egos, perceived slights or power/control issues that keep them from interacting in positive ways.

Organizations try to get rid of these dynamics through discipline or by reading people the HR manual but there is a more effective approach that look at the deeper challenges: formulating a plan and practicing it.  As you try to resolve conflict in your workplace, think about the following ideas and how you will practice them consistently.

  • Identify the issue.  Do you know what the conflict is about?
  • Develop skills to deal with workplace conflict.  Do you have the skills necessary to deal with conflict without escalating it?
  • Design a strategy to minimize conflict.  Do you have a plan to continue defusing conflict in the future?
  • Commitment.  Do you have an ongoing strategy that will ensure future success?

Conflict is a signal that something is not going right in the workplace.  When I work with organizations we talk about reducing conflict by offering people the opportunity to deal with each other on a different level.  You can get rid of conflict in the workplace by putting together a plan of action and practicing it over time.

You’ll enjoy the increased productivity and improved morale that comes from dealing with conflict once and for all.  All it takes is your commitment to start the process and stick to it.  How will you begin dealing with conflict in your workplace?