The Self-Awareness Guy

Leadership Training: How to Follow Your True Path at Work

Many leaders experience discomfort at work because they are not doing the things they love.  This feeling manifests itself in many ways including unhappiness , lack of motivation and loss of focus.  The great thing about work is that you can move in any direction you want at any time.  Here’s a couple ideas to help you begin your journey.

Define Your Path

How will you know where you want to go if you haven’t defined it yet?  Take some time to figure out who you are and what really brings you joy at work.  Focus on ways to reach for your dreams.  The idea is to work in an environment that reflects what you really love to do and becomes your path.  The more you connect with yourself the clearer your path will look.

Listen to Your Inner Voice

We spend so much time listening to what other people think we should do that we frequently ignore the most important voice, our own.  Once you connect with your dreams at work the voice inside you will let you know if you’re on course or veering in some other direction.  Your inner voice gives you clues and insight and tells you when you’re on the path.  Learn to listen to it and pay attention to what it says.

Take Action

Once you’re on your path doors will open for you that you didn’t know existed before.  Make sure to take advantage of opportunities that come your way and that fit with your true goals and dreams.  Focus on small actions that build your confidence and always keep in mind that  staying on your path means staying true to yourself.

Following your path is a matter of getting in touch with who you really are and building a career based on that idea.  Remember to take it easy on yourself.  It’s OK to go off the path occasionally as long as you’re living the majority of your life on or near it.  What will you do to be more fulfilled at work?