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How to Be Successful in Life

How to be successful in life? Decide what you genuinely, deep down inside, want to do and then start taking action. Here are five steps you can take to create success in your life:

1. Think of what you want to happen.

2. Think of three things you can do to achieve that goal.

3. Pick one thing to take action on and start doing it today.

4. Check in with yourself to see how you’re progressing.

5. When you’ve finished one goal, move on to the next.

The purposeful act of choosing to do something and then following through literally trains your mind to take on challenges. When you achieve any goal it opens up great possibilities because you begin to understand that you really can impact your work life in significant ways.

Any shift in your work life begins with a conscious desire to accomplish something. The key to success is going from the abstract thought phase to actually taking action and doing something. Try these steps today on any goal you want to achieve and follow through until you generate results. Along the way you will be practicing how to be successful in life.



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  1. Harry Peters

    I am going through real tough times. I have been looking for someone who is genuine and can help me with my life issues. A social worker told me about this web site and she said that they guy is the best she has ever seen. Does anyone have any honest information before I contact him.

    1. Guy Farmer

      Dear Harry,

      Thank you for your message and I’m glad you are looking for some help. It might be a good idea to talk with a few coaches or therapists, depending on your needs, and think about who you might feel comfortable working with. Feel free to talk with someone from the website you mentioned as well as some other people. You’ll get the best results if you feel at ease with the person you’re working with. I’d be happy to talk with you as well, please let me know if I may be of assistance in some way.

      Take care,