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5 Ways to Take Care of Yourself at Work

We’re not always taught how to take care of ourselves at work. We pack our work lives full of activities and tasks but we may not take the time to nurture ourselves. Taking care of yourself is important because it makes you more effective in all areas of your work experience and helps you recharge your batteries. Try these ideas to bring some balance into your workplace and smooth out some of the bumps.

  1. Stop. Take a moment during your day to do nothing and just relax. Lie down, take a nap, go for a walk or just look outside. The idea is to just stop and enjoy a slower pace.
  2. Breathe. Take deep breaths, slow and controlled. Inhale fully and exhale. Think of yourself inhaling serenity and exhaling stress.
  3. Think of something joyful and fun. Sweep aside all the garbled noise that clutters your brain and focus on thinking of something that makes you feel great.
  4. Find a way to vent. Find someone who will listen to you without interrupting and who will simply be there for you to talk about whatever you want.
  5. Celebrate yourself. Do nice things for yourself that don’t cost money. Give yourself a pat on the back and give yourself kudos for the things you’ve accomplished.

The key to taking care of yourself at work is to forget about others and focus on you. Try these ideas to introduce some calm into your work life and heal yourself. You deserve it.


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