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Diversity Training: The Benefits of Diversity and Building Relationships

Diversity is about building strong relationships with others. We frequently get caught up in the superficial attributes of our differences while forgetting how much we have in common.  Building relationships is one of the most direct ways to get rid of a "difference-based" model of diversity.

When. we focus our energy on differences we tend to behave in ways that emphasize the things we don't share.  If, however, we give more importance to simply building relationships with each other we tend to look for the things that will bring us closer together.

Building relationships is an elegant solution to a complex issue and it can make a world of difference in how our workplace functions.  When people consciously put their efforts toward connecting with each other and promoting meaningful relationships, differences seem to melt away and we become aware of the possibilities of connecting with each other.  How do you build diverse relationships in your workplace?