The Self-Awareness Guy

How to Hire Talented People

Leaders and HR professionals frequently ask me what they can do to hire talented people.  There are some basic things you can do to identify talent more effectively rather than winging it and hoping things will work out well.

Ask yourself the following questions before you begin looking for your next star.

1.  Do you know exactly what tasks the person will be carrying out day to day and do you communicate this to applicants?

2.  Do you have a specific list of talents your ideal candidate must possess?

3.  Do you ask open-ended questions to elicit deeper information from candidates rather than yes or no answers?

4.  Does your candidate possess the same values as your organization?

5.  Does your candidate love doing the work you would hire them for?

6.  Are you open to hiring people who may grow into the position?

7.  Do you have a preconceived idea of what the perfect candidate looks like which may exclude excellent prospects?

8.  Are you looking for brilliant talent or a body to fill a seat?

9.  Do you allow the candidate to tell you who they are and what they enjoy doing or do you project what you wish onto them?

10.  Do you have a full understanding of whether the candidate really sees herself fitting in with your organization?

As you ask yourself these questions you will find that you begin to understand what you are really looking for in a candidate.  We frequently try to make people fit the description on the piece of paper or wish them to fit the position.  This is normal, we want people to succeed and we want to fill positions.

The next time you conduct a talent search try asking yourself the questions we’ve discussed.  They will help you have a clearer idea of who you are looking for and how you will recognize them when they’re in front of you.  What are your tips for hiring talented people?