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Balance and Leadership

I was talking recently with a very accomplished leader who felt overwhelmed by everything going on in his workplace. Upon examination, he realized that he had been juggling a great deal of different projects and hadn't taken time to think about the things that once had made him feel more balanced. The daily grind had reduced him to a reactive person he barely recognized. His employees were showing all the signs that they were not happy either.

We can become so engrossed in living life at a rapid pace that we forget that we can enjoy things better if we pause occasionally to relax, recharge and reflect. The only caveat is that you have to deliberately carve time out of your day to refocus and regroup. Take some time in your day to not do anything. Look at a sunset, sit by a stream, go for a walk with no particular goal. Life becomes more enjoyable when you take time to regain your balance. It also has the effect of making your employees happier and happy employees create more productive workplaces.

Balance helps you be a better leader. It helps you relate to others from a position of calm and understanding. It helps you do away with the constant putting out of fires and working in crisis mode. Balanced leaders tend to live better lives, create happier workplaces and produce more consistent results.

Balance helps you maintain a generally positive course that will help you connect with your employees in ways no amount of directive supervision can. It grounds you and helps you make decisions based on careful forethought. How does you achieve balanced leadership? By working on it starting today. What will you do to become a more balanced leader?



2 thoughts on “Balance and Leadership

  1. michael cardus

    Great advice…finding time to do nothing is rewarding.
    The idea of ‘slowing down to speed up’ is powerful when used properly. Once we slow down some, and work on reflecting into how to do things better at a deep level. Then we can stop stressing about little fires and projects.