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Leadership and Creating Positive Workplace Karma

Leaders have a deep impact on the Karma in their workplaces.  Think about the following questions the next time you interact with your employees and colleagues.  How does the vibe you put out affect what you get back from people?  What kind of Karma are you creating in your workplace?

Your attitude and behavior affects your entire organization.  For example, how do you feel when a leader does the following:

Speaks in an aggressive tone of voice or shouts.
Doesn’t listen.
Doesn’t look at you.
Is angry or impatient.
Talks over you.
Rolls their eyes.
Always griping or negative.

How would you react to a supervisor or manager who acts like this?  What kind of workplace environment might it create?  I bet you can think of many other things that are much more conducive to positive team building, effective communication or beneficial workplace relationships.  It’s amazing how much the energy we put out affects what we get back.  On the other hand, think of how you react when a leader behaves in the following ways:

Speaks in a calm tone.
Looks at you.
Talks when appropriate.
Nods and prompts you for more information.
Focuses on positive approaches.

What is your reaction to this type of behavior?  If you’re like most people
you would probably be more likely to interact with this person and want to work with them.  There really is something to the idea that what we put out is what we get back.

What can you do to move in a beneficial direction?  Start today by putting out positive vibes that your employees and co-workers can pick up on.  It will take conscious effort and practice on your part but, over time, you will transform who you are as a leader and create a more enjoyable workplace.  What will you do to start creating positive workplace Karma?

Take Care,