The Self-Awareness Guy

5 Essential Leadership Behaviors

Many people are put in leadership positions with little or no preparation and then fall into behaviors based on unconscious thought. They tend to lead reactively and automatically based on what they experienced in their families and in previous work environments.

The idea in inspirational leadership is to lead consciously and deliberately rather than winging it and hoping it works. It's the difference between taking some time to prepare beforehand and running from one emergency to another. Here are five leadership behaviors that will help you create a more inspiring workplace.

Be Organized

Make your life easier by doing top priority things first and less important tasks later. Take some time at the beginning of each week and each day to create a basic plan of what you need to get done. Create a workplace where people have a plan and aren't putting out fires every moment, it's much more productive and relaxing.

Let Other People Help You

Many leaders don't realize that, no matter how driven and talented they may be, they still are stronger when they have other people helping them. One person simply can't do as much as several people. Find ways to let go of the need to control things and invite others to assist you in creating a successful workplace. Encourage people to stretch and grow and let them add their unique insights and perspectives.

Communicate Openly

So much lost productivity and workplace toxicity develops because people don't communicate regularly, calmly, respectfully and candidly. Train yourself and your employees to build excellent listening and speaking skills so that interactions flow effortlessly. The more open your workplace is to sharing information, the more you'll get done and the fewer unforeseen obstacles you'll encounter.

Be Kind

This means that you treat people with respect and value them at all times. You set reasonable limits and boundaries and behave in ways that build people up and highlight their strengths instead of pointing out deficiencies. Employees know that you set rules and guidelines but that you do it in a way that is caring and empathic.

Be Emotionally Healthy

Your organization is only as healthy as you feel inside. If you're working out your unresolved issues on your employees you will limit your ability to set a positive example and be credible. People know when you're doing stuff because of how you feel about yourself and they see you struggling. That's why it's a good idea to work out your own issues first before you lead others.

Inspirational leadership is about you taking personal responsibility for being as healthy and balanced as possible so that you're in an optimal position to motivate others. When you behave effectively and appropriately you move from pushing people around to mobilizing them to do great things. What will you do to practice positive leadership behaviors?