The Self-Awareness Guy

Self-Awareness and Being Whole

One of the major benefits of increasing your self-awareness is that you get to live life whole, as in:

  • You know who you really are deep inside.
  • You honor your inner voice.
  • You follow your dreams.
  • The various parts of your personality are in harmony with each other.
  • Your actions are consistent with your thoughts.
  • You are actually happy and healthy inside, not just pretending in order to not show weakness or conform to what someone else is expecting.
  • You look inside for answers.
  • You trust that you're the best guide for your life.
  • You deal well with your entire range of emotions.
  • No one part of your personality, thoughts, or actions dominates your life.
  • You believe there is such a thing as happiness.
  • You're following your dreams, the real ones, not the ones you pretend are your dreams.
  • You surround yourself with interesting, healthy people.

Being whole means living a completely authentic life. It doesn't require being perfect, just that you be yourself. What will you do to work on being whole?