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Sick Leadership

There are many organizations, some of which are outwardly very successful, that are run by people who are sick. If you've ever worked for leaders like this, you know what it's like to always have to work around their negative and often hurtful behaviors. These are the types of bosses that crush their employees and have a difficult time thinking of anyone but themselves or the bottom line.

A huge part of self-awareness is for leaders to understand that their behavior doesn't only affect them, it reverberates throughout the organization. If a leader is unhealthy he (or she) may be able to hide it for a while but it always has a way of coming out. They can't hide sickness because it eventually spreads all around them no matter how hard they try to contain it. It's why certain companies do all kinds of terrible things that literally hurt people. Thankfully, there is another path that leads in a much more positive direction.

The key to happiness in life is to treat yourself and others well instead of leaving a trail of devastation behind you. True joy comes from resolving your own personal hurts and becoming a genuinely kind person. No amount of money or power can repair the emotional wounds you carry and only you can heal them in order to live an authentically happy, balanced life and be a great leader. What will you do to make sure your organization isn't sick at the top?



2 thoughts on “Sick Leadership

  1. Lauri

    This is so true, Guy. I often say that if everyone practiced kindness, they would discover that the world is becoming a nicer place, too.

    An observation that I’ve made since I’ve starting using Facebook to share pieces of my life with my family and friends is how many people are truly unhappy; only a few aren’t. They will share causes for all kinds of things, like preventing cruelty to animals, save the whale, run for cancer, but will turn around and post unfavorable comments about someone. I often think that if people spent more time adopting kindness as a cause, then the debaucheries that we all abhor would eventually be eliminated. Human kindness goes a long way to feeling better about yourself which then means others will be treated well, also.