The Self-Awareness Guy

Are You Superficial?

Most people show the world a superficial face while they boil under the surface. You can tell this is the case by how quickly they react to perceived attacks, withdraw when confronted or get uncomfortable when touchy subjects come up. We're not accustomed to dealing calmly and candidly with the deeper issues in life, the things that really matter. Here are some examples of the concepts you'll encounter when you look at yourself in more detail:

  • How you treat yourself.
  • How you treat others.
  • Whether you are living your dreams.
  • What kind of a person you are.
  • Whether you let life happen to you or take control of your destiny.
  • How confident you really are.
  • What kind of relationships you build.
  • Whether you practice self-awareness and take a careful look at how you feel, think and behave.
  • How you deal with the issues that cause you fear or discomfort.
  • Whether you live life authentically or settle for being someone else.

Examining issues like these openly and honestly is a vital part of personal development. Consciously understanding yourself and being willing to work hard on being the most whole person possible will bring you the greatest happiness and success in life. What will you do to look below the surface?