The Self-Awareness Guy

Are You Static or Dynamic?

People tend to be static or dynamic, which means that they either want to keep the status quo or value ongoing change. When you live a static life, you devote a lot of energy to keeping things as they are, a daunting task since the universe is constantly transforming around you. Being dynamic helps you be nimble, flexible and able to handle the challenges that come your way, as well as being happier. Here are some signs that indicate whether you’re static or flexible:

Signs You’re Static
Try to keep things the same.
Struggle with change.
Pine for the good old days.
React to events.
Resist new trends.
Struggle with new ideas.
Look at change as losing something.

Signs You’re Dynamic
Don’t mind if things aren’t the same.
See change as a positive.
Pleased that things are constantly evolving.
Behave proactively to welcome change.
Welcome new trends.
Appreciate new ideas.
View change as gaining something.

In the history of the world, many people have tried to halt change but none has succeeded in the long run. Struggling against change only leads to frustration and disappointment whereas welcoming it makes life easier and more enjoyable. Being static will leave you consistently behind while being dynamic gives you the ability to handle any situation that comes your way. What will you do to be more dynamic?