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15 Characteristics of Happy People

Being happy isn't some unattainable abstract concept, you can consciously work on it until it becomes an integral part of your personal development. The challenge for many people is to look at the things that keep them from feeling joy and replace them with new ways of thinking and behaving that help them move in a positive direction. Here are fifteen characteristics of genuinely happy people:

  1. Absence of irrational or excessive fear.
  2. Integration of different parts of their minds.
  3. Ability to behave with empathy and compassion.
  4. Help themselves and others succeed.
  5. Balance and integration between personal and professional lives.
  6. Laugh often and enjoy the lighter side of life.
  7. Able to consider more than one perspective.
  8. Welcome change.
  9. Continually build self-awareness.
  10. Behave joyfully and consistently in all areas of their lives.
  11. Work every day on being happy.
  12. Understand that happiness doesn't mean endless pleasure.
  13. Actively work on healing their own hurts.
  14. Find meaning inside themselves.
  15. Live a life that reflects who they really are deep inside.

If you practice thinking and behaving in these ways you know the sense of deep balance and fulfillment they bring. If you don't, then you have an amazing opportunity to begin working on whichever area needs attention in your life. Being happy isn't about what you say or how you appear on the outside, it's about your actual thoughts, emotions and behaviors. What will you do to be genuinely happy?



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  1. Jambar Teambuilding

    Hi there, I like your article a lot and agree that these characteristics are those that make people happy. Happy people are also pivotal in team building. Thank you for your wonderful article!