The Self-Awareness Guy

Pride Isn’t Being Tough

A lot of people believe that pride means being as outwardly tough and invulnerable as possible. They'll insist they're proud of doing something or being a certain way even when they're not. This type of thinking produces people who can never back down, admit being wrong, or change their minds. They present a strong facade but are internally shattered and lack the self-awareness to change direction.

True pride is not how much bravado you project or how strong your shell is, it's how you actually feel about yourself deep inside and how genuinely balanced and fulfilled you are. People who are willing to take a look at who they are and make the necessary adjustments are much more likely to live happily than those who only focus on projecting invincibility.

Being proud means really being at peace with yourself by living life as the real you, not just pretending you're doing it. Pride is the ability to feel great about who you are as a person at every level, without any rationalizations or qualifications. What do you think about pride?