The Self-Awareness Guy

Be an Independent Thinker

Self-awareness means understanding who you are and why you think the way you do so you can be your own person. Every time I've let other people think for me, I've felt powerless and have been unhappy with the results. It's very common in our society to undermine people's natural gifts and talents by telling them what to do. There's no shortage of "helpful" advice to guide those who are seeking something or are just used to getting their answers from the outside, but it robs them of their ability to control their own destinies.

The key to living a meaningful, fulfilling life is to listen to yourself and follow your own path rather than one prescribed by someone else. When I discovered that I could think for myself, I began honoring the person I really am and following my own natural course. I now wake up each day and do what I want to do instead of what someone else tells me to.

People who value self-awareness tend to be independent thinkers who listen to their own inner voices. They do their own thing, arrive at their own conclusions, and live more genuinely happy lives.