The Self-Awareness Guy

Resolving Unresolved Issues

For some people, it's difficult to even contemplate resolving unresolved issues. It's a huge challenge to look at ourselves and acknowledge the deep, dark secrets and traumas that guide us or even hold us back in life but it's a major part of building self-awareness.

I used to live a life where I would do anything but resolve my issues and the results were predictably horrible. I would react to anything and everything based on my inner hurts and make a mess of things without even trying. I had very limited coping skills for any kind of challenging situation and my interpersonal relationship skills were a shambles.

As I've continued to work on increasing my self-awareness and resolving my past pain, I've become more balanced and happy. I now can think before I act instead of flailing in distress. I much prefer being able to make calm, conscious decisions instead of letting life just happen to me. What do you do to resolve your unresolved issues?