The Self-Awareness Guy

10 Real-World Examples of Diversity

A lot of people ask me for examples of diversity, here are ten real-world ones:

  1. Different life experiences.
  2. Believing different things.
  3. Having different talents.
  4. People from different socio-economic backgrounds.
  5. People who look different from one another.
  6. Various educational levels.
  7. Different ages.
  8. Speaking different languages.
  9. Different genders.
  10. Different sexual orientations.

The key to thinking positively about diversity is to have the self-awareness to realize that, although not everyone is the same, each individual brings an exciting set of thoughts, life experiences, and talents to the table. When you add all these varied characteristics up and use them to build up your organization, you'll be stronger and have a larger pool of resources at your disposal.

The trap many people fall into is thinking that diversity is scary or will force them to change in some negative way. I like to think of diversity as all the amazing range of talents and perspectives people possess that can make an organization much more agile and dynamic. What examples of diversity would you add to the list?