The Self-Awareness Guy

Dream Big

If you’ve ever wanted to achieve something you’ve probably noticed that you get the results that you work on. If you have a small goal you tend to work toward that, if you have a larger vision you tend to move toward it.

A great way to accomplish almost anything is to start with a dream, a specific thing you would like to see happen or that excites you. The dream will guide all the actions to follow. Think about the following questions as you pursue your dream.

1. What would I love to do, what is my dream?

2. What are the reasons this dream is important to me?

3. What small action can I take today to make my dream come true?

If you dream big you are constantly moving toward expansive and exciting horizons. It doesn’t mean that all you do are grand, sweeping thing, it just requires that you work toward something that really helps you stretch and grow as a person.