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How to Move Your Life in Any Direction You Choose

A big part of self-awareness is knowing yourself well enough to consciously move your life in any direction you choose. The way you behave each day predicts the results you will get, whether you succeed or stagnate. Here are some practical things you can do to start your journey:

1. Focus on the thing you want to happen, this is your goal.
2. Determine three actions you can take to achieve that specific goal.
3. Pick one action and start following through on it today.
4. When you've achieved one goal, move on to the next.
5. Take time to celebrate yourself and your accomplishment.

The purposeful act of following through and taking action trains your mind to take on challenges. When you achieve a goal it gives you strength and courage to keep moving forward in life, you begin to see the power you have over your circumstances.

The key to success in life is going from the thinking phase to the doing part. Try working through the five steps we've outlined and keep doing it until you succeed. Along the way you will be practicing the skills necessary to move your life in any direction you choose.



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  1. rsimpson

    I finally opened my mind up to watching the secret recently and was blown away. I think there are a lot of good things to take from this, especially those of us with a tendency to look at life with the half-empty approach.