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Self Esteem Building with a Life Coach

A coach can help you build your self esteem by helping you connect with who you really are and discover your strengths and talents. We are all born with an amazing range of skills and interests. I always recommend that people connect with what they really want to do.

If you love art, pursue art.
If you love business, start a business.
If you love sports, play sports.

For any dream you have there is a practical way you can get started. If you love writing you can do any number of things today to start following your dream. The only thing stopping you is you.

A life coach can help you get unstuck and tap into the wonderful talents you possess. I work with people just like you so that you can figure out what you want out of life and develop a plan to achieve it.

A life coach is a person who believes in you, listens to you and supports your dreams and ambitions. I love helping people live the lives they want and experience possibilities. I can’t think of anything more rewarding that watching someone experience the joy that comes from living the life they want to live.



0 thoughts on “Self Esteem Building with a Life Coach

  1. Kelli Smith

    Interested in finding out the foundation and/or origin of your company, and how the process for life coaching would work?

    1. Self-Awareness Post author

      Hi Kelli, thanks for your questions. I’ve helped people develop self-awareness and live authentic lives for many years. I worked in family services, program management, and training before I started Self-Awareness Workshops. I love encouraging people to identify their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; get rid of what doesn’t work and strengthen what does. Life coaching is the process of talking with a caring professional who helps you clarify what you want to do and what you can do to achieve it. I provide life coaching by phone. All the best, Guy.