The Self-Awareness Guy

Dating Tips 101

One proven way to find dates is to work on yourself first and do the things you love.

When you work on yourself and do things you love you begin moving your life in a direction where you move amongst people who have interests like yours. Find what it is that really makes you happy and move in those circles. In that way, you increase your chances of meeting someone who actually shares your interests and philosophy.

Get yourself as healthy as possible and you will attract the same. The better you feel about yourself the more it wards off the people who love misery. You attract what you project.

A final thought. I realize we are in an online environment here but there is a lot to be said for giving up the safety and fantasy of sitting at a computer for the greater challenge of meeting people face to face. Get out there and show people who you are in person, you deserve a healthy, rewarding relationship.