The Self-Awareness Guy

The Key to Achievement: You

When I help people figure out what they want out of life a common theme arises time after time: that every movement in our lives starts with us. This seems like a basic concept but it can have profound implications. We can choose to move in a different direction at any time but we have to start. If you want to try out this concept try this:

1. Think of something you want to achieve in your life.
2. Think of one thing you can do today to achieve your goal.
3. Take action and do it.
4. Praise yourself for actions you complete.
5. Ask yourself, “What did I learn about myself?”
6. Repeat.

People just like you create amazing change in their lives by taking action. It’s incredible how much control we have over our lives if we consciously do things to change it. All it takes is deciding that we are going to do something and then following through.