The Self-Awareness Guy


My workshop participants frequently ask me how to figure out other people. Oftentimes the key to our happiness does not rest on other people but within us. Self reflection is a skill that benefits us by helping us understand our needs so that we can take care of them. It’s a great skill to learn because it helps us make ourselves feel good.

Take a moment today to reflect on who you are as a person. You can start by taking an inventory of the achievements you are most proud of and those you wish you could improve. Ask yourself some questions like the following:

1. What am I most proud of?
2. What skills do I possess?
3. Where do I see myself in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years?
4. What are the challenges I face?
5. What will I do to overcome the challenges?

Thinking about ourselves isn’t selfish, it’s actually a great way to begin healing our wounds and building ourselves up. Try beginning the process today and you will start to notice that it feels great to focus on yourself and your future.