The Self-Awareness Guy

Loving Yourself

Do you know someone who loudly proclaims that they respect and love themselves and then get trampled mercilessly by every person who comes into their lives? Do you know someone who constantly agonizes with heartache but never seems to put it behind them? Many of us navigate the waters of relationships focusing almost entirely on the other person’s needs. We invest prodigious amounts of time and energy into making someone else happy or worrying about how they’re doing while ignoring the most important person in the room, us. Why is it we go through such elaborate planning to mold our lives around someone else only to find ourselves losing our self-identity and wishing for better relationships?

Somewhere along the way we lose sight of the importance of caring for ourselves. Taking care of ourselves first is a critically important step in creating fulfilling relationships in our lives but we don’t do it consistently. We benefit from tending to our own needs first so we can be in great shape to attract positive, vibrant people into our lives and share great relationships. So how do we do that? The good news is that there are many straightforward things we can do, starting today, to take care of ourselves and begin the process of respecting and loving ourselves. We can consciously become healthy and happy by learning what respect is. Take some time to find out what your needs are.