The Self-Awareness Guy

The Power of Positive Thinking

I was coaching a group of people all of whom had been through significant trauma in their lives. I asked the question, “Why is it that you all are able to move forward when others don’t?” What is the difference between those who can overcome adversity and those who get stuck with it?

The answer is simple but significant. The people that overcome obstacles are those who are able to focus on the positive. This doesn’t mean that they minimize trauma or don’t acknowledge difficulties it’s simply that they are able to focus on actually doing positive things.

People have an amazing ability to move in any direction they want to. Right this moment you could start doing something to change your life if you wanted to. All it takes is making a conscious decision that you are going to do something, anything. Being positive is about focusing on the things you can change and that you have control over.

We are able to change ourselves because we have control over what we do. Next time you feel like there is no hope try doing one thing to interrupt those thoughts and that will move you in a positive direction. Time after time I’ve had clients tell me that all it took to change their lives was thinking positively about something they used to think of as negative.