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Stop Choosing the Safe Path in Life

There are people who spend their entire lives choosing the safe path, which means that they do what they've always done, how they've always done it. They value feeling safe and secure over all else, including self-awareness, no matter what the consequences. In the process, they lose their true selves and live middle-of-the-road, ordinary, as-uneventful-as-possible existences.

I've always wondered why people live like this, and the answer that often arises is fear. When people are scared of stepping outside their comfort zones or of being their real selves, they tend to do everything they can to remain in their cocoon. They never fly because they're too busy worrying about everything that might possibly go wrong or be slightly different.

One of the reasons I love coaching and training people who value self-awareness is that they live more courageously; striving to understand who they are and where they want to go. It's not that they live dangerously, just that they're willing to test their own thought processes and face their fears.

What will you do to avoid choosing the safe path in life?



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