The Self-Awareness Guy

Why Are There No Good Men (Women)?

When I work with clients I often get questions about finding great men or women to date. People find themselves dating the same general type of person over and over and getting the same results. The good news is that you don’t have to settle for frogs. You have an amazing ability to move your dating life in any direction you choose by following some basic steps.

1. Find out who you are before you date. This will give you a better idea and more self-esteem to pick more healthy people to date.

2. Understand that people who date you should be supportive, kind, helpful, attentive and should always make you feel that who you are as a person is important.

3. Excitement doesn’t always equal a good person to date. Danger and mystery can be enticing and many times turns into very large problems that hurt us.

4. Nobody we date, under any circumstance, should take away our self-esteem.

5. We should never give up our identity to please or accommodate someone we’re dating.

6. We benefit from learning to live alone first and then incorporating someone else into our lives. The healthier we are, the better choices we make in the dating arena.

Try thinking about these points as you date people. Dating should be fun and it ideally lifts us up and makes us feel great. Take some time to think about who you are as a person and work hard on making yourself the best person possible. Vibrant, healthy people see creeps coming down the road and steer clear.