The Self-Awareness Guy

Yikes! Conflict

Some of us love conflict and some of us run screaming from it. Yet conflict can signal that something very important is happening and that we need to pay attention. Conflict is also a great opportunity to learn about each other and fix things for the better. Try these tips next time you have and issue with your significant other:

1. Name the problem (what is it).
2. Each of you describe how you see the problem.
3. Come up with a few ways to fix the problem.
4. Agree and choose one solution.
5. Get an outside person involved if you can’t decide on a solution.

I’ve found that if two people just sit down and agree to talk (respectfully and without shouting) they can resolve even the most complex problem. It’s wonderful to see two people come to an agreement and figure out a way to resolve a nagging issue. It’s almost like a weight has been lifted off their back.