The Self-Awareness Guy

Finding Your Own Answers

I often get questions from people who are genuinely trying to figure out what to do in a relationship or in life. While I can give people examples of what other people have done to be successful, it is difficult to give people advice on what they should do. Each person will have their own way of arriving at a solution and a coach is there to help them arrive at whatever end they see fit.

I encourage people to think in terms of finding their own solutions to tough issues. If you don’t know what to do, spend some time thinking about the following points:

1. What would I name this issue?
2. What are some possible solutions for the issue?
3. Which solution makes the most sense to me?
4. What do I need to do to start working on the solution?

I help my clients take charge of their lives and gain the confidence necessary to work through tough challenges. We all have the answers we need inside; it just takes a bit of effort to find them. Outside people can give us their opinion but only we can arrive at the resolution that makes the most sense to us.