The Self-Awareness Guy

I Always Go Out with Losers

Many have had the experience of going out with someone who is not good for us. First let’s clarify that there is no such thing as a loser, just people who haven’t yet found a way to move in a positive direction. We often actively contribute to getting stuck in negative patterns and we label the other person as a loser rather than looking at ourselves. Ask yourself these questions next time you’re wondering why you are stuck going out with less than marvelous people:

1. What does being with this person say about me?
2. How can I move in a different direction?
3. What can I do to improve myself so I don’t attract these people?
4. What can I learn from this?
5. Do I have a plan for change?

Everyone is capable of attracting good people. There really are no losers at all, just people who are stuck in negative patterns. Good luck finding your positive pattern.