The Self-Awareness Guy

The Definition of Compassion

The definition of compassion is:

  • Consciousness of another person's distress and the desire to help them.
  • The ability to understand when someone else is suffering, hurt, struggling, or feeling down.
  • The desire to help others without any need to be rewarded.
  • The ability to step outside your immediate needs and tend to someone else's.
  • Consciousness that all kinds of people fall on hard times or have difficulties and need help.
  • Helping people without judging them.

A big part of self-awareness is strengthening your ability to see beyond your own horizons and feel compassion for others; which means that you've become comfortable and healthy enough as a person that you can feel other people's pain and try to help them with it.

A world without compassion is one where nobody helps anyone and everyone just worries about their own desires and needs. As you increase your self-awareness you will find that your compassion increases and you're better able to tend to others because you're healthier. What's your definition of compassion?