The Self-Awareness Guy

Do You Feel Insecure?

Perhaps you feel insecure about yourself and wonder if people are judging you or don’t like you. Insecurity is not about other people, it’s about you. When you feel insecure you are looking at the world through your fears. Some helpful things to think about when you’re feeling insecure are:

  • What difference does it make what that person thinks of you?
  • Nothing anybody says can affect you unless you let it.
  • Insecurity goes away when you practice doing things and become more proficient over time.
  • Take a moment to take it easy on yourself.
  • There are great things about you that you can feel secure about right now.
  • You can start healing yourself any time you decide to.
  • You’re a wonderful person.
  • You have unique talents and abilities.

Practice helps you build confidence and competence. The next time you feel insecure ask yourself, “Why am I feeling this?” and consciously decide to move in a positive direction. Only you have the power to get rid of insecurity, by thinking and behaving differently. What do you do to feel less insecure?