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Dealing with a Broken Heart

Many of us have had our hearts broken. Sometimes it’s by a parent, a friend, a relative, a coworker or a significant other. We can gain a lot of strength from how we deal with these hurts. It’s perfectly natural to be hurt and how we deal it will lead us down the path toward having a healthy or failing heart. Think about it, the way you treat your heart can affect many areas in your life. Imagine if you could never recover from and insult or a break-up.

Our heart follows our actions. We can choose to stay stuck in pain and misery or we can choose to be kind to our heart and do things to move in a more positive direction. We have the ability to change our behavior consciously, a skill that comes in handy when tending to our hearts. Next time your heart hurts ask yourself some questions that will help you move in a positive direction. What is hurting me? What can I do to improve how I feel and take care of myself? What can I do to interrupt the pattern that keeps me stuck with a hurting heart? When you discover why you are hurting you then are able to do something differently. Our hearts often hurt because we have not yet learned how to mend them and nurse them back to health. Some people carry this hurt their entire lives. Much as an unhealthy heart can keep us from running a marathon, it can also keep us from enjoying a great relationship. When we learn how to care for our heart we can then enjoy it in all its healthy glory.



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