The Self-Awareness Guy

On Being Able to Think of Others

One of the most difficult tasks for human beings is being able to think of others. It takes a significant amount of self-awareness and lack of ego to consider the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of others.

Why even worry about others? We don't live alone in this world, there are billions of other souls we impact both directly and indirectly through our thoughts and actions. Do something negative and it ripples not only inside you, but through the cosmos. Do something positive and the effects build a better world.

Paradoxically, thinking of others allows us to become more well-rounded, balanced human beings. When we treat others with kindness and compassion, we become more caring toward ourselves.

People who are actively building self-awareness often find that they are able to think beyond themselves to the plight of humanity. As they become more and more happy with who they are, they are better able to understand and feel what others are going through. What are your thoughts on being able to think of others?