The Self-Awareness Guy

The Closing of the Mind

The closing of the mind occurs when people decide that the world is too complicated and difficult and drift toward easy answers to their discomfort instead of looking inward and healing themselves. I've noticed over years of helping people build self-awareness that many individuals gravitate toward safe, rigid, ways of thinking and behaving when they face uncertainty. It's not unusual to want order and predictability in one's life, but it can easily get in the way of living genuinely and courageously.

When people close their minds and latch onto things that promise them safety and comfort, they lose the ability to be themselves because they're relying on someone or something else to do the hard work for them. It's like saying you do something but having someone else do it for you. The good news is that you can open your mind by listening to your inner voice and following your true path in life.

When I share my inner thoughts with the world, I'm exposed, even uncomfortable at times. I show everyone my true self rather than a polished veneer that hides the real me. The reason I write is not because it's easy, safe, or orderly, but because it keeps my mind flexible, nimble, open, and able to deal with the uncertainties that come my way.

A major element of self-awareness is the ability to keep your mind open to new ideas and experiences instead of running away from difficult issues. What do you do to avoid the closing of the mind?