The Self-Awareness Guy

5 Ways to Be Non-Mainstream

I'm not a mainstream type of person. I tend to like things that are different, quirky, silly, offbeat, emotionally complex, and that elicit deeper thought. I could care less about rules, fitting in, or society's expectations of me. I live in a place in the universe where I'm immersed in feelings and an exciting swirl of creativity. I'm constantly and continually building my self-awareness.

Too often, we're told that we should toe the line, follow the rules, not stick out, and many other types of soul-crushing suggestions. In my experience, these recommendations only lead to misery and self-loathing. People are profoundly unhappy when they can't express who they really are. The antidote is to follow your inner voice and live courageously and joyfully as the real you. Here are five ways to be non-mainstream:

  1. Identify what you really want to do in life and do it each day.
  2. Don't pay attention to what others say, follow your own inner voice.
  3. Have confidence in your abilities.
  4. Embrace the things that are different and unique about you.
  5. Have the courage to live as the real you.

Life is much richer when there's variety and eccentricity mixed into it instead of everyone being the same. What do you do to avoid being mainstream and enjoy being yourself?