The Self-Awareness Guy

The Darkness Inside

We all have some darkness inside; that place we don't want to visit where our deepest fears, regrets, and other unmentionables reside. One of the reasons I love working with people who value self-awareness is that they actively work on shining a light in these unpleasant recesses of the psyche instead of pretending they don't exist.

It's impossible to live a genuinely happy life if you don't deal with the monsters under the bed. I tried for years to pretend that my disquiets didn't exist or to numb them in some way, but they never left my side. It was only when I became conscious enough to acknowledge my issues that I was able to move in a healthier direction. I still have uneasy moments, but I'm generally moving toward the light.

As you increase your self-awareness, you'll find that you understand yourself on a different level, one where you can actually take action and heal yourself. What do you do about the darkness inside you?