The Self-Awareness Guy

Our Culture and Success

Our culture often defines success it as having a lot of money, prestige, or power. My interpretation of success is building your self-awareness so you can be in touch with who you are inside and live in such a way that you don't need to worry about wealth or influence.

There are countless really rich and powerful people who are miserable; you can tell because they don't treat others well. Anyone who is willing to harm other people doesn't feel good about himself or herself deep inside. Happy, balanced, fulfilled people treat themselves and others kindly because their lives are centered around creating a positive world rather than amassing wealth or crushing others.

I love providing life coaching for people who value self-awareness because they tend to view success in terms of how healthy they are, not how much stuff they have or trophies they display on the mantle. Even if you don't make a penny, you can still create something of great value. How do you define success?