The Self-Awareness Guy

The Importance of Soft Skills Training

I get asked a lot about the importance of soft skills training and I can sum it up by asking a few questions such as:

  • What would happen in your workplace if your leaders were self-aware and emotionally healthy?
  • What would your workplace look like if your leadership and employees knew how to communicate effectively?
  • What would be the difference in your workplace if you had an ongoing team building program?
  • What would be the benefit of your workplace celebrating diversity?
  • What would be the effect of building a workplace where people actually get along and work together well?
  • What would your organization be like if people genuinely respected each other?

When I ask questions like these I often get really long lists of responses because soft skills training isn't just some abstract concept, it's practical information that can help people function at a higher level. Imagine what your workplace would look like if you had the training in place to address all the questions listed above.

None of this comes about without ongoing commitment from the very top. Company leaders need to understand the value of soft skills training and how it will impact their workplace; they have to be able to shift their perspective and adjust to change. Soft skills training is only as effective as an organization's willingness to implement and stick to it.