The Self-Awareness Guy

The Three Most Important Leadership Qualities

Here are the three most important leadership qualities:

1. Empathy and Kindness

A lot of leaders I meet have an unwavering allegiance to the bottom line or some specific set of results and completely forget about the human beings who work for them. Leaders can have both a capability for getting results and behave with empathy and kindness. You don't have to be any less competent or driven to treat people well and understand their situation.

2. Being Healthy

I'm referring to leaders being people who have worked through their own issues and are psychologically healthy. I've seen too many people in leadership situations work out their own hurts on others; the end result is always tragic. If you're a leader who is unhealthy mentally, I guarantee it will eventually not only affect your employees negatively, but your organization and you too.

3. Self-Awareness

Most leaders I met have some fabricated idea of who they are but have very little understanding of how their emotions, thoughts, and actions affect others, or themselves. This lack of understanding causes them to do all kinds of things that not only hurt others but are also detrimental to the success of their organization.

Ask yourself how many leaders you know or have worked for who, as a norm, behave with empathy and kindness, are genuinely healthy psychologically, and possess a great deal of self-awareness. Most of our leaders are just people who can shout orders and appear decisive. I've found we can build leaders who not only get a lot done, but who also create much more kind and healthy workplaces. If this does not sound possible to you, then you might look into some training on the three areas we've discussed here.